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Colon Cancer Doctor

Dr. Goldberg Video Series: Should Family Members of Colorectal Cancer Patients be Screened?

Dr. Richard Goldberg talks about family members of colorectal cancer patients getting screened for the disease.

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Colon Cancer Finances

Three Tips for Navigating Cancer & Your Finances

Cancer rights attorney and advocate, Joanna L. Morales, shares her advice for managing the financial impact and questions that accompany a cancer diagnosis.

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Colon Cancer Survivor Pam

Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) Video Series: Forming a Team with Your Doctor & Living with a Colostomy

Pam was 39 when she was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer. Like most newly diagnosed patients, she found herself in unfamiliar territory with a lot of questions.

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Colon Cancer Doctor

Dr. Goldberg Video Series: Diagnostic Tests to Help Inform Treatment Options

Dr. Richard M. Goldberg of the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center and James Cancer Hospital provides a comprehensive look at how diagnostic test can help inform treatment options.

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A Molecular Diagnostic Test That Made All the Difference

Dan C. is a guest blogger for My Colon Cancer Coach. Diagnosed at the age of 43, he is a 5 year colon cancer survivor. A policeman, husband, and father of four, Dan writes about his experience as a colon cancer patient and the path he followed to make decisions about diagnostic tests and treatment.

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