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My Colon Cancer Coach Goldberg

Learn More About Your Personal Treatment Options

With Dr. Goldberg as your coach, answer simple questions from your pathology report to get a personalized information guide with treatment options based on your individual diagnosis.

Prepare for Your Appointment

It’s important to ask questions about your colon cancer. Download questions to help prepare you for your next doctor’s appointment.

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Hear from Other Patients and Advocates

Hear the stories and experiences of other colon cancer patients and advocates. Learn from experts on how to work with your healthcare team to better understand your individual cancer and make the best treatment decision.

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My Cancer Coach App

Take your Coach with you to your next appointment. Includes a Personalized Guide, Calendar & Journal Entry, and questions for your doctor and other useful resources

Meet Our Partners

My Colon Cancer Coach is presented by Fight Colorectal Cancer and Exact Sciences as a resource for newly diagnosed colon cancer patients. Use the information on this site to help you better understand your cancer and potential treatment options. This information is not medical advice and is not intended to replace the valuable counsel provided to you by your physician. It's up to you and your doctor to decide the treatment course that’s right for you.