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Dr. Goldberg Video Series: Diagnostic Tests to Help Inform Treatment Options

Dr. Richard M. Goldberg of the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center and James Cancer Hospital provides a comprehensive look at how diagnostic test can help inform treatment options.

Whether you are a just-diagnosed patient, well into your treatment process, a survivor for many years or a caregiver of a colon cancer patient, this video series offers a variety of helpful information from a trusted expert in the field.

Diagnostic Tests for Colon Cancer with Dr. Richard Goldberg

Dr. Goldberg discusses diagnostic tests that provide information about the unique biology of individual colon cancer tumors, which can help patients and their doctors decide on the best possible treatment strategies.

About the Author

Dr. Richard M. Goldberg, Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center

Dr. Goldberg has helped design and managed multiple large international clinical trials that have improved cure rates for patients with early-stage disease and survival times for patients with advanced disease. A member and former chair of the National Cancer Institute Colorectal Task Force, Dr. Goldberg is an international leader in evaluating new agents for the treatment of colorectal cancer and researching inherited colorectal cancer syndromes.