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One Million Strong Campaign

“I fight for the ones I love” – A Daughter’s Perspective

One Million Strong Fight for Love

When she was growing up, Rhiannon’s father played guitar in a band. Now, Rhiannon uses music as a way to remember her dad. “It gives me a little window to remember him the way he was before he got sick, to remind me of the things he loved to do.”

Recently, a close friend and mentor also passed away. She was diagnosed at 45. Rhiannon has since gotten tattoos as a way to remember her father and other family members who have passed – so she can carry her loved ones with her wherever she goes.

“My father was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer at age 45. He passed away at 48 after a hard and scary battle,” says Rhiannon.

She’s contributed her stories and music to the OMS collection to highlight her reasons to join the fight against colon cancer. “As a loved one, I want to make a difference and spread awareness.” She hopes that “someday we don't have to lose the people we love to colon cancer.”

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