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One Million Strong Campaign

“Fighting for others at risk” – A Survivor’s Perspective

Colon Cancer One Million Strong EvanI fight for my two older brothers, cousins, nephews and nieces who might be at risk. I am one of the lucky ones; but many may not be as fortunate.

I was diagnosed at 23, and it’s hard to believe I once could barely walk the 20 meters from my parent’s house to the nearest stop sign. Cancer hasn’t given me more insight than anyone else dealing with adversity. I live knowing and accepting the limitations of my body (without certain parts), but most importantly, I know my body can recover. Now, my daily exercise regimen of yoga, cross-fit and martial arts, which I like to call croga-fu!

As a 20+ year-survivor, I express myself through my photography, a passion to share what I can’t express in words. My art is motivated by connecting with others to gain a better understanding of our shared experiences.

Throughout everything, my wife has been by my side, and I feel very fortunate to have all the support from loved ones and caregivers. I share my story through the OMS collection because I want to raise awareness about colon cancer.

Cancer sucks, and I don't want anyone else to get it or go through it. It's inconceivable to think that an estimated 137,000 men and women will be diagnosed with this disease. I want to reduce that tally, reduce the mortality rate through education, policy and early detection, and I hope to inspire the rising tide of folks who are at-risk under age 45 to get screened.

About the Author

Colon Cancer Survivor Evan

Evan is a freelance photographer based in Northern Virginia, specializing in lifestyle and portrait photography. His photos can be found on his Instagram account @Evanmichio.