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Connecting with the Community

One Million Strong Campaign

“Let’s unite our voice in the fight again colon cancer!” – A Caregiver and Survivor’s Perspective

Colon Cancer Caregiver

In 2011, Rev. Roland Cooper’s sister, Tonya Dennis, was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer at age 46. Taking on the new role of caregiver, Rev. Roland assisted and supported his sister throughout treatment and recovery. Two years later, Rev. Roland was suddenly faced with his own colon cancer diagnosis.

During his surgery, complications arose and he went into cardiac arrest twice and had to be revived by the surgical team. He also had to endure several months of difficult chemotherapy.

“I fight for my family and my community. I fight to spread the word about cancer prevention and awareness, especially in the African American community.”

“Like with all people who get diagnosed with cancer, the first thing you do, you’re just like, ‘Not a good time.’…your body, your spirit is overwhelm[ed].”

In spite of all the hardships, Rev. Roland pushed through and is now part of the OMS Collection to spread his message of hope and awareness.

“I learned to appreciate life and to not take my health or my family for granted. Surviving cancer has given me a new outlook on life and has helped me spread the word of cancer prevention and awareness. I am an ordained minister and in my sermons I find myself preaching about faith and never giving up no matter how bad things may seem…I am here to fight the good fight for colorectal cancer research and awareness!”

Colon Survivor Family